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Several Countries Interconnected for an In-depth learning Experience in Oncology.

Launch Mexico March 13

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What is the Advanced Topics in Multidisciplinary Cancer Care Program?

Advanced Topics in Multidisciplinary Cancer Care is a unique, continuing medical education web-based program, located in USA, designed for oncologists from all over the world to debate the latest advances in the diagnostic and treatment of cancer. The program will include a wide range of disease sites and scientific topics discussed on a multidisciplinary panel format and streamed independently for an in-depth learning experience.

Sessions will feature three to five renowned experts such as medical oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, scientists, etc., discussing a multidisciplinary approach to a particular cancer with keynote lectures, case studies, and question-and-answer sessions. In addition to new treatment approaches, ongoing trials, and new drugs apprises, sessions will also provide up-to-date prevention methods as well as basic, clinical, and translational research.

The two-hour program will be held mostly on Saturdays, streamed live and distributed as multi-point events. Subsequently, it will be available for all via on-demand viewing as a distance learning program on an online platform distinctively developed for the program.

Videoconferences will be streamed both in English and Spanish.

5-reasons why to be a part of Advanced Topics

Continuing education

A live medical education program developed to stream high-end scientific modules for an in-depth worldwide learning experience in oncology.

Up-to-date learning

Disease sites encompass relevant topics in the multidisciplinary approach for the diagnostic and treatment as well as updates on cancer prevention, new drugs and basic, clinical and translational research progress.

Enhance excellence

Designed to emphasize the multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of cancer.

Knowledge exchange

Devised for oncologists from all over the world to exchange the latest advances in research, diagnostic, treatment and cancer prevention.

Online all-inclusive

Comprehensive educational platform with sessions distributed live as multi-point events for subsequent on-demand viewing.

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